Embark Results

Kyrö's results:

Kyro has been a mystery since they day I met him. He was a rescue from a bad situation and all I was told was that he could possibly have '1/16th' Australian Shepherd in him. I did a couple DNA tests through a few vets and all came back with mixed results. One came back saying he was 100% husky and another came back saying he was all husky with a possible great dog parent having a small amount of Aussie in them.
As I learned more in the dog community and Kyro grew- I began to have more and more doubts that these results were accurate. I learned that the majority of dog DNA tests out there are highly inaccurate. One of the most inaccurate being Wisdom Panel- which I believe is what one of the Vets used.
Kyro's overall appearance read husky to me; however, his size and some behaviorisms did not. As well as his stockier build and ridiculously curly tail. When I found out about Embark- I was beyond excited. It's been raved about online and is currently one of the most accurate dog DNA tests on the market. They have reduced their variability for results down to around 5%.
I ordered the tests- swabbed both Kyro and Dovah and waited... My guess was that Kyro would come back with Malamute and possibly GSD DNA in him due to his overall size, build and behavior. I also expected a little Australian Shepherd DNA due to the fact that two of the pups in his litter came out Merle.
I was completely off!
Here is the big reveal!

Kyro actually came back being more Siberian Husky than I expected; however, this matches with the fact that he pretty much looks like an oversized, off standard husky. The Keeshond totally caught me off guard at first, but as I researched the breed I can certainly see it now. Keeshond's have a longer coat and a beautifully curly tail- which is where I believe Kyro gets his coat and floofy tail.
The Collie and Labrador Retriever surprised me as well. I can see the Collie (not in Kyro) by the fact that a couple littermates were Merle. Merle is a coat coloring Collies can have. The Labrador Retriever in him could explain his more mellow overall behavior as well as his stockier build and large size.
Kyro also came back as having an Agouti colored coat which I was correct about due to the banding on his hair- I was excited about this since it was something I was correct about! He also tested clear for all 160 genetic health diseases Embark screens for- yay!
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Embark Results- Kyrös

Dovahkiin's Results:

Dovah's results were not as much of a surprise as Kyro's were. Dovah's breeder was incredibly transparent about everything regarding him- so I knew generally what to expect. I figured he would fall in the low-low content Wolfdog range and have the breed mix of Husky/Malamute/GSD.
Several of Dovah's siblings from previous litters have also been Embarked- so I assumed he would be close to their overall results.
Let's take a peak at his results!

Certainly no surprise here with Dovah's results!
The only adjustment to his results is that after emailing Embark Dovah's relatives results as well as pictures of him- they actually place him closer to 20-21% Gray Wolf vs 18.2%. This does fall within their 5% variation for results, so isn't something completely abnormal.
Something Embark is also currently reviewing is that Dovah came back as DD vs Dd in his results. This would mean he isn't Dilute Blue. This does not make sense as both his parents are Dilute Blue and both other siblings tested came out as Dd. Dovah certainly has a blue/gray coat coloring and lacks pigment around his eyes and lips. The skin around his eyes and lips is actually more of a brown/pink coloring vs a true black- this is a trait of being dilute.
Embark is currently reviewing this and we will hear back next week on what they find. It's apparently been a common occurrence with Wolfdogs and even Solid Blue Wolfdogs are coming up incorrectly. There's a possibility that something else in Wolfdogs impacts the coloring gene that they don't currently test for.
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(Summary, Family Tree, Breed Families, Maternal Line, Paternal Line, Traits and Health)
Embark Results- Dovahkiin