Road to Recovery (P7)

Could this face be anymore adorable?

Could this face be anymore adorable?

Long several weeks..

My updates haven't been as frequent recently as life has been extremely busy for us. I am working additional hours while Kyro is recovering as he can't do a whole lot currently. We are also preparing for our big move into our first home (with a big new backyard- yay!) and keeping up on exercise, grooming and therapy.

Since I've missed several updates- this one is going to be quite a long one! Kyro started Hydrotherapy a couple weeks ago and has been doing fantastically. He wasn't super sure about the beginning of the first session, but quickly warmed up to the hydro tank. Getting treats throughout was certainly a bonus! His was exhausted after his first session as he hasn't had extensive amounts of exercise just yet due to him still recovering. I could tell he greatly enjoyed getting some physical stimulation.


I've had several questions about why Hydrotherapy is beneficial for dogs recovering from any type of leg/joint/hip injury, so I figured I would take a moment to answer this. Hydrotherapy is highly recommended for dogs as a low impact therapy after an injury. The water helps to make their bodies more buoyant which reduces the weight placed on their injury. The underwater treadmill allows for the dog to walk, while having some resistance and that helps to rebuild muscles and strengthen ligaments.

Rebuilding strength..

The biggest commitment we've been focusing on is the slow rebuilding of lost muscle and strength from having surgery and being on bed rest. There has been a very fine line with determining what the 'right' amount of exercise is, vs overdoing it. Two walks a day around 15 minutes each seemed to be the best length for Kyro currently. The first few walk sessions left Kyro with a little limp, but after a couple weeks the strength was returning and it no longer phased him.


After several weeks of established weekly hydrotherapy and daily walks (x2) it was time to schedule Kyro's recheck. The recheck includes radiographs to see how the bone and surgery area was recovering properly. Last Wednesday I brought Kyro in and he went back to get checked out. I waited patiently and prayed for great news- which we got! His surgery area and bones are healing up fantastically. Due to this, he has been OK'd to increase his exercise levels. He is now allowed to do 2-3 walks daily at 30 minutes each.

With this OK'd we have immediately started increasing the distance in the walks. I pushed up to 20 minutes for the first two walks, then 25 minutes and now he is comfortably up to 30 minute walks without issue.

Small adventures..

With Kyro being OK'd to do a little more now we took a road trip last weekend. We woke up at 2AM and drove down to Oregon to catch sunrise at the Wooden Shoe Tulip Festival. The weather turned out perfectly and Kyro greatly enjoyed being out somewhere new. He greeted a ton of people and sniffed lots of beautiful flowers. He also got his paws and legs extremely muddy (which he was very pleased about).

On the way back up to Washington we stopped at Voodoo Donuts, where they even gave Kyro a special doggie donut that had some bacon on it!


Enjoying the sun and the flowers!

Enjoying the sun and the flowers!

Grooming, sun and more...

Last Friday Kyro was finally able to get his first bath and deep grooming since his surgery. He went over to our favorite groomers for the morning and had a spa day. They trimmed his nails, cleaned his teeth, bathed him, trimmed up his scraggly hairs and gave him a much needed brush out. The sun has finally showed it's face (after weeks and weeks of on off rain) so his coat has been blowing like nothing else! I could tell after having the grooming he felt a lot better. Keeping a double coated dog well groomed is important to help them properly regulate their body temparture.

Hair shed after just 15 minutes of brushing

Hair shed after just 15 minutes of brushing

Meeting new people...

One day we went down at hung out at a local indoor/outdoor bar and food place in Bothell. The evening was warm and it was the perfect day to be out. The outdoor area is extremely dog friendly and has little outdoor fireplaces. Kyro was thrilled to walk around, meet lots of people and then lay by the fire while we relaxed. Aside from hiking, one of his favorite things is to be out places were he can get lots of love and attention from people. He's a huge ham and just wants endless belly rubs.

Clearly life is rough for this big fluff

Clearly life is rough for this big fluff

Next big update...

In 6 weeks (5 now) we will be returning for another recheck with the vet. This recheck will determine if Kyro will be OK'd to start off leash activities (YES!). He still won't be able to rough house with buddies, but will be able to go to the dog park in the early AM and evening when it's empty to run around to his hearts content. I can't wait to see him swimming in the river again and hopping through the long grass.

We will be continuing hydrotherapy every Saturday and I will continue to share videos of his progress so far. This week he will be up to 3 7 minute intervals at an increased speed from last week.

Flowers, sunrise and a husky- what could be better?

Flowers, sunrise and a husky- what could be better?

Small victories...

Each week draws us a little closer to returning to our mountain adventures. We take all the small victories as huge successes through this crazy journey. Already Kyro seems to be a happier dog than right before his surgery.

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