The Story of Goldilocks and the Wolf


Our story begins 6 years ago..

Kyro was a rescue from a bad situation as a young puppy. He was part of an unexpected litter in which the Mother was far too young to care for her young ones. The owner of Kyro's Mother sent out a plea online wanting assistance with finding the puppies homes, as well as raising them. I found myself responding to his plea for help.... In addition to helping care for the other pups, I fell in love with Kyro. Kyro was the chunkiest of his Brothers and Sisters and something about him tugged at my heartstrings. I ended up taking him home with me.

What I didn't realize was that this event would change the course of my life.

Who knew it would be Kyro whom would rescue me..

At the time that Kyro came into my life I was in an abusive relationship. A relationship that I had lost all hope of escaping. With Kyro in my life I slowly felt my confidence and independence returning. Unfortunately, things turned for the worse and the rage I had received was redirected toward Kyro.

Fear filled me at the thought of Kyro being hurt and it snapped my eyes open to the situation. Kyro was my world and the desire I had to protect him gave me the strength to leave. With that strength, I left the relationship and started on the path to rebuilding myself and my life. 

His blue eyes fueled my motivation to start over..

Shortly after leaving the abuse, I began to hike and travel with Kyro. I started capturing our adventures and it became something healing for me. It gave me the strength to rediscover my independence while seeking happiness inside myself.

A sense of peace settled in my soul, as well as a sense of purpose.

We became an inseparable duo..

To my surprise our photographic journeys began to gather attention online and before I knew it we had amassed a large following on Instagram. The Instagram community turned into a source of inspiration and encouragement for me.

"Goldilocks and the Wolf" became our nickname and my photography business name. The name represented a bond found in a time of darkness that turned into a life full of light.. in a sense, our own little fairytale. The nickname came fondly from my Mother who had given us the name the day I brought Kyro home.

Soon our adventures became a real life fairy-tale that we were writing ourselves..

Using my camera I tried to capture the ‘Fairy-tale’ moments that we witnessed on our travels. Mountain sunsets, ocean sunrises, snowy landscapes.. sharing these experiences brought me great bliss. Hoping to inspire others, as well as bring those joy who may be having a bad day.

The magical Pacific Northwest became my book. A story being written in moments captured through the lens of my camera.

A life that was once void of color..

Exploded into a kaleidoscope of possibilities, adventures and enlightenment. My perspective on the world was completely altered and I started seeing everything in a new way.  

Not only was life more colorful, it was filled with smiles...

The type of smiles that leave your cheeks aching and your heart soaring.

Kyro's soul touched mine...

As written by Thom Jones: "Dogs have a way of finding the people who need them, filling an emptiness we don't even know we have."

Adventure is calling..

We're on a never-ending journey to escape the ordinary.
Find the moments that will be deemed extraordinary.
To get lost to the overwhelming sensation of wanderlust.

Where will your adventure take you..?

While my adventure took me to you, our story has just begun..

We are now working to share our story with the world. Domestic violence is a difficult topic and is often not spoken of. It has not been easy to relive the memories of the past but I am sharing with the goal to drive for a brighter future- for everyone.

I desire to help inspire those that are in, were in, or may be in situations like mine to see there is a light after the darkness. To see that you aren't alone and aren't to blame. Domestic violence is something we should be driving a greater understanding on, versus sweeping it under the carpet. There should not be a fear to share your story.

One day hopefully everyone will have their happily ever after..

Until then, we hope by promoting discussion and understanding the world will be a brighter place for everyone.

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